If you are a tourist and have a medical emergency in Panama, you will be covered by a 30-day free health insurance.

In Panama we will take care of you as if you were at home. You will have coverage for hospitalization and medical expenses for injuries resulting from an accident or by disease contracted on Panamanian territory up to $7,000.

In the event of a medical emergency, all you will have to do is show your passport upon arrival at the hospital. The medical emergency will be covered by Axa Assistance, in partnership with Generali, if the emergency occurs within the first 30 days after arrival in the country.

For more information or immediate assistance, call: 204-9300/800-2312

Show your passport at the medical center.

List of hospitals providing coverage with the Tourist Insurance:

Panamá Province:

Santa Fé Hospital
National Hospital
Punta Pacífica Hospital
Clínica Hospital San Fernando – Panama and Coronado
Centro Medico Bernardette – Bethania and Villa lucre

Colón Province:

Caribe Medical Center
Colón Cuatro Altos

Chiriquí Province:
Chiriquí Hospital
Mae Lewis Medical Center

Herrera Province:

San Juan Bautista Medical Center

Specialized Medical Center (CEMY))

Veraguas Province:

Jesús Nazareno Hospital Clinic

Terms and conditions

Beneficiaries: Foreigners and Panamanians living abroad who enter Panamanian territory through Tocumen Airport.

Territoriality: Republic of Panama.

Access to Services: 24-hour phone assistance in Spanish, English, and Portuguese at the Alarm Center.

Claimable Event: Illness and/or accident that occurred in Panama.

Accidental death B/. 20,000.00

Basic Benefits

Hospitalization and medical expenses to treat injuries of the insuree caused by accident or disease contracted in Panamanian territory.

Up to B/. 7,000.00
TMedical evacuation of the patient by air or ground transportation in ambulance to the nearest hospital or place of habitual residence, in case of an accident or illness. Up to B/.7, 000.00 in national territory and B/.40 ,000.00 for an international transfer.
Hotel expenses for convalescence of over 10 days after an accident or illness covered by the policy. HUp to B/.150.00 per night, per person, for up to 10 nights.
Dental expenses resulting from an accident or an emergency illness. Up to B/.500.00
Non-hospital pharmaceutical expenses resulting from an accident or disease and prescribed by an attending doctor within the network. Up to B/.500.00
Repatriation to the country of origin in the case of death. Included
Legal and administrative assistance in-person and follow-up in the case of an accident. Up to B/.7,000.00
Year-round and 24-hour access to a help line attended by staff who speak Spanish, English and Portuguese. Included.
Delivery of urgent messages transmitted to the call center. Included.
Compensation for lost or delayed baggage on domestic flights. Up to B/.1,200.00 for loss and up to B/.200.00 for delay.
Advance deposit. B/.500.00
Moving companion if later than 5 days dictated by a network physician covered hospital. Economy class air ticket.
Return of children in the case of the beneficiary's death. Economy class air ticket.
Transportation for a companion if over 5 days of hospitalization are ordered by a doctor in the network. Economy class air ticket.
Reimbursement of expenses from a delayed (more than 4 hours) or cancelled flight. This coverage applies only within the national territory and excludes the arrival trip to Panama. B/.150.00

Limitations and exclusions:

Pre-existing conditions (including pregnancy); natural phenomena; extreme sports; suicide; attempted suicide; insuree's participation in crimes or other illegal activity; beneficiaries who fail to comply with the immigration laws of the Republic of Panama; accidents under the effect of illegal drugs or alcohol that the beneficiary tested positive for; accidents caused by the fault or negligence of the insuree; situations provoked, caused or produced by hostilities, warlike actions or operations, or invasion of a foreign enemy (with or without a declaration of war) or of a civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection, or other acts or threats to national security or terrorism; death by accident in commercial or private aircraft (coverage determined by the Civil Aviation Authority); loss, moral or material damage and/or loss of earnings.