Land of beautiful qualities and eternal spring , stunning contrasts transport you from vast plains to high mountains where emerges the majestic towering Volcan Baru with his 3,475 m , being the highest point in the country .

The cool climate of the mountainous area is characteristic of the highest areas of the province, in these areas the rainfall is abundant almost throughout the nine months of the year. Because of its great ecological diversity is considered one of the most productive provinces. In this region you can admire the gentle mist gliding through majestic cloud forests , to cover large cultivated land that are confused with each other under a rainbow of intense color.

Green is indivisible part of tourism in the province of Chiriqui, visitors seeking new alternatives are very interested in enjoying the natural beauty of the countryside. It is for this reason that agritourism farms receive wide acceptance , since they involve activities ranging from field work the land, to taste the fruits harvested as part of its interaction with the environment around them.

We could not fail to mention the main tourist sites in the province: Boquete recognized worldwide for its unique coffee export and lush natural beauty , Cerro Punta , where the best strawberries are harvested in the country . Also worth mentioning is the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Chiriqui as in the rest of the country has excellent white sand beaches and crystal clear waters where you can walk and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Finally it is important to highlight the great commercial activity recorded in the City of David , the provincial capital city of the country and third in importance. Moreover, in recent years the province has become one of the most visited tourist destinations , generating millions of dollars for the region.

Undoubtedly, Chiriquí is the destination that you must choose and which invites you to visit Jularmo .